Taylor Swim Day Info...


Students 3-6th grade will be swimming at Payson pool from 11:00-1:00 Wednesday May 24th.  We will be leaving the school around 10:30 (give or take).  Students are welcome to wear their swimsuits under their clothes or change into their swimsuit at the pool.  Please remember a towel, sunscreen and shoes that are suitable for walking.  Lunch will be eaten at Memorial Park around 1:20.   We should return to the school around 2:00(give or take).

Surprise Postcard from Taylor's Favorite Veteran

For years, Taylor School has been spoiled by Viet Nam Veteran, Marshall Ludwig.  Mr. Ludwig has honored Taylor School by leading us in multiple patriotic events such as Veteran's Day flag raisings, September 11th memorials, and celebrations of Constitution Day.  He has proudly worn his military dress while attending multiple school functions including our school's 150th Birthday celebration this year.