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Family Literacy Night Fun

Submitted by courtney.corbin on Mon, 05/13/2019 - 20:32

Taylor Family Literacy Night was a success!  Students picked out books, a swag bag full of goodies, ate pizza, read on the lawn and enjoyed spending time with their families! #beenheresince1866 #manytigersoneroar #taylortraditions #taylormeansfamily #familyliteracynight

Taylor Orchestra and Choir Performs!

Submitted by courtney.corbin on Mon, 05/13/2019 - 20:28

Our Tiger Choir and 6th grade Orchestra played and sang for the school, and then again that evening for their parents!  These students work so hard to develop their musical talents and we’re so proud of all they’ve accomplished!  Many thanks to orchestra teacher, Tammy Drager, and Choir Director, Erin Koyle and pianist, Alexa Black!  #beenheresince1866 #manytigersoneroar #taylortraditions #taylormeansfamily

Happy Secretary’s Day!

Submitted by courtney.corbin on Wed, 04/24/2019 - 09:30

Mrs. Young, Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Finch are three people to celebrate!  They are the first person to greet visitors to our school, they work with students in pre-6th grades on a daily basis, help dozens of teachers a day, as well as serve as the right hand team to our principal.  We hope their day is special and want to tell them THANK YOU for all that you do for our Taylor family!  

4th Grade Pioneer Day

Submitted by courtney.corbin on Mon, 04/22/2019 - 21:27

Fourth grade Pioneer Day! Students churned butter, made rope, chiseled sandstone, carded wool and so much more! These students got a real taste for what life was like in the 1800's here in Utah!

#manytigersoneroar #beenheresince1866

#pioneerday #fourthgradefun

College Month

Submitted by courtney.corbin on Mon, 04/15/2019 - 19:02

College Month at Taylor is always a favorite time of year! Students to spend the month learning about all of the opportunities for education after high school. A few highlights from the month include: listening to a different university “fight song” each day, decorating classroom doors, dressing up as future careers, watching the 6th graders try to open locks in the obstacle course,  and decorating jerseys to hang in the hallway!   We can’t wait to see what paths in life all of our Taylor tigers choose! 

Teacher Appreciation Week!!!

Submitted by courtney.corbin on Sun, 04/14/2019 - 13:55

Teacher appreciation week was amazing as usual! Teachers were spoiled with snack, lunches, massages, extra time for lunch, gift certificates, plants, balloons, sweet notes, and much more!   We are so grateful for the support our PTA gives to our school!   Thank you to the PTA presidency as well as those who helped make this week so enjoyable! 


“I felt so spoiled this week between treats, massages, and and extra long lunch! Thank you for making me feel so special!”

“We have “hands down” the best parents and PTA around.  We have been spoiled beyond measure this week. As we walk around the school there are cute uplifting posters, more treats than a bakery and the best lunches ever! Thank you so much for your efforts and kindness.  This has been a great week and we are lucky to have such awesome people in our corner.”

“I have loved the luncheons and dessert bar.  It's so nice not to have to pack a lunch to school!  I also love the flowers and Girl Scout cookies one of my students gave me!”

”Best week of the year! We love our parents and students the support they give to us! We’re all in this together and we’re so grateful we have your support!” 

“The posters in the hallway were so cute!  The treats in the faculty room sure hit the spot each day!  Lunch from Mrs. Robbins one day, and the PTA another?!?!  Talk about spoiled!  The massages were pretty fantastic as well.  We especially loved the extra half an hour during our lunch break!  I had a chance to just sit hang out with teachers from other grade levels!  Thank you!!!!”  



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