November 2014

Taylor Elementary Learns Dental Care


Taylor Elementary's second and third-grade students have a reason to smile!  Red Rock Orthodontics recently visited Taylor students to teach about proper dental care.  Each student was given a toothbrush and toothpaste along with a lot of knowledge on how to keep their teeth looking their best and staying their healthiest!  Some students were even surprised by a squirt or two of water from Donny the Dinosaur!  

Taylor's Reflections Winners


Winners of the Reflections Contest themed, "The World Would Be a Better Place If..." were announced in a school-wide assembly for Taylor Elementary students and faculty.   This year's contest had more entries than any year before and the decisions were very hard to make.  Congratulations to Taylor Tigers who participated in this years contest! 

Taylor Fourth Grade Learns About Utah's Environments


Taylor Elementary's students in Mrs. Corbin, Mrs. Grill and Mrs. Tracy's fourth-grade classes recently were visited by the Utah Natural History's 'Museum on the Move' program.  As part of fourth-grade curriculum, students spend time studying the environments in Utah as well as the plants and animals that live there.  The museum brought examples of animals and their habitats and allowed students to become real scientists and study what they saw.   Student, Payton Buys, said, "This is my favorite day because we got to see animals in jars and skulls of animals that have died."   What a great way for science to come alive for these students! 

Taylor Fourth Grade Learns About Stormwater


Taylor Elementary's students in Mrs. Corbin, Mrs. Grill and Mrs. Tracy's fourth-grade classes were recently visited by the Utah County Stormwater Coalition. Students were educated by Ms. Jenny Devlin on the importance of stormwater and how not to pollute it. Students were also taught the steps of the water cycle and how it impacts each other's daily lives. Fourth-grade student, TaraLyn Mortensen, says, "It is important not to litter or put paint and garbage in the gutters because we need to use the water that goes in there." This is always a great time of year for students to be visited by the Utah County Stormwater Coalition!

Cold Weather


Taylor Tigers,

I wanted to get you some information on how I decide on what Taylor School will do during the winter months.

When the temperature is below 20 degrees it will be an inside only day.

When the temperature is between 20 degrees and 32 degrees students will have a choice of being inside or outside.

When the temperature is above 32 degrees we will have an outside day.

I take conditions into account like wind, rain, snow, and ice.  32 degrees feels a lot warmer with the sun shining than it does when it’s overcast.  We will always look at the conditions!!

We also monitor air quality each day and make decisions based on it.

It is important that your child brings a coat/hat/gloves each day to school so that they are comfortable for the weather conditions.  If you have any questions feel free to email me a call the school.


Mr. Daybell