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July 2019

Online Registration is coming TOMORROW!!!!

Submitted by billi.robbins on Wed, 07/24/2019 - 13:05

Online Registration starts TOMORROW, July 25th!  

Visit school website for more information

Registration is Just Around The Corner!

Submitted by billi.robbins on Fri, 07/12/2019 - 10:06

 Dear Parents,

ONLINE REGISTRATION will begin on July 25, 2019!  I hope you find this process simple, convenient and accessible. 

If you are a Returning Student to Taylor Elementary:

  1. Go to and click on the Registration Tab located at the left-hand side of our school web page. Then it will walk you through step by step beginning with Step 1, going into Aspire SIS and updating all your information there and electronically signing off on some documents. We will only be using information found on Aspire SIS to contact families and emergency contacts so we appreciate your help in keeping that information current throughout the school year.
  2.     Step 2 off the Registration process is the Fees and Donation step. (You will have to set up an account your first time visiting this site.)  We are asking for a $25 per student donation although any amount is greatly appreciated. This donation can be paid by credit card or using Echecks.   We use these funds to purchase books, field trips, assemblies, special grade level events, and extra classroom supplies.
  3.     Other things you can pay online during this time is Yearbooks, Orchestra fee and instrument rentals (6th grade only) and 4th – 6th Grade Choir fee (includes a t-shirt).
  4.     If you choose not to pay online, you can pay for these items on Registration Day on July 29th. 
  5.     Step 3 is checking to see if you qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch and filling out the application online if you do. This helps with our Title I status and will allow us to receive Federal funding that greatly benefits the students. Even if you have completed this form in the past, IT MUST BE DONE EACH YEAR TO QUALIFY.  You can also click into PayPams if you would like to pay for school lunches online. This is a very convenient way to pay for lunch! 
  6.     Step 4 is providing different documentation if it applies to you and bringing in any updated documents to the office on July 29th.
  7.     Once you have registered your student(s) they will then be enrolled into a class. You will be able to get onto Aspire SIS and see your child’s teacher on August 1st if the registration process is complete.

If you are a NEW student or Kindergartner to Taylor Elementary: (If you have neighbors who are new to our school please pass this along to them!)

  1.     Registration at the school is on July 29th from 8:00 to 4:00 PM. 
  2.     Please bring with you:  Birth Certificate, 2 proofs of Residency, and Immunization Records

If you need to update or check immunizations or get birth certificates, you can go to the Utah County Health Department’s new location in Payson at 285 N 1250 E, 3rd Floor.  Hours are 8 – 11:30, 1 – 4:30, Monday – Friday. 801-851-7351.  

Walk-in Registration will be held July 29th from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

This registration is only for those who:

  2. Did not complete the online registration and need to use a school computer.
  3. Are first time Taylor students who are required to bring documentation to the school.
  4. Are returning students with changes to custody, medical or residency status. (Please bring documentation.)
  5. Need to bring in money for Donations or Fees
  6. Anyone that comes in on July 29th or after will need to wait 72 hours before receiving Teacher assignment. 

I ask that every student (1st grade through 6th grade) and at least one parent/guardian plan to attend our MEET THE TEACHER that will be held on August 16th from 2:00 to 4:00.  At that time you will be able to:

  1.       Receive individual classroom information
  2.       Buy T-shirts or if we don’t have your size, order T-shirts
  3.       Sign up for School Community Council
  4.       Signup for Volunteer
  5.       Turn in any documentation needed
  6.       Pay any fees

School begins on Monday, August 19 for 1st through 6th graders.  Kindergartners will start on Monday, August 26th

 Kindergarten Information:

ALL Kindergarten students need to register online and bring in the needed documentation

. · Kindergarten students need to bring a birth certificate, 2 proofs of residency showing you are in Taylor boundaries, a driver’s license, and an updated copy of your immunization record.

  • Kindergarten will be involved in testing the first week of school (Aug. 19-23).  Kindergarten teachers will be contacting you to schedule assessment times for your child.  At the end of that week, kindergarten teachers and myself will analyze the data from this assessment to determine who qualifies for OEK (Optional Extended Kindergarten (ALL DAY)).  Once we have determined who qualifies, we will contact parents to see if they are interested in their student attending this program. This program is by invite ONLY! On the day you come in and register your kindergartner, you will have the opportunity to request AM or PM.  I will do my very best to honor that request however I have to balance the classes and also work with the bus garage to ensure we have transportation for all sessions. So please be patient with me as we make kindergarten class assignments. By Friday, Aug. 23 you will be able to log into ASPIRE and see the teacher and which session your student will be in for kindergarten.  If you receive Mindy Sumens, as the teacher, and if it says Session 1 that will let you know you have A.M. kindergarten. If it says Session 2, that will let you know you have P.M. If your teacher assigned is Marianne Lowe, you will know that your student is in All Day Kindergarten.

Kindergarten MEET THE TEACHERS will be Friday, August 23, 2:00 to 3:45

I hope the steps to online registration are easy to understand and making the registration process more convenient for you!  I know it was nice to sit at home and register my own kids. If you have any questions, please call the office Monday – Thursday between 8 and 1 PM.  I look forward to seeing all of the returning students and parents as well as meet the new students that will be joining us this year. I love being part of the Taylor Elementary Community.  Thank you for all you do for your students!


 Mrs. Robbins

Taylor Elementary Principal

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