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May 2008
Kenna Holm

Now the Taylor School was really neat. (As I remember it). We had a grassy play area, besides we could go across the street and play on the old Hospital lawn (which is now the City Center). We had a nice baseball diamond to the west of the school and I remember when I was in the sixth grade challenging the Peteetneet sixth grade girls to a baseball game. I don t remember who won but it was fun. I played first base and Jeri Taylor (Brimhall) played pitch, and I can’t remember who else but we had a good team. I do remember Sharon Elmer (Lindley), Linda Peery (Spencer), Ann Staheli and a few others that were on Peteetneet’s team and they were also good.
We also ate lunch in the basement of the building. I think we paid either 10 or 15 cents for our lunch and I loved hot lunch. And when we got to the sixth grade we got to take turns helping in the kitchen.
We had a lot of good times at that school and of course this was all before they added on in 1949 and then tore it down a few years ago to make the new Taylor Elementary School.
Some of the teachers we had then were, Mr. Wall, Mrs. Jeppson, Mrs. Hill, Mr. Davis, Mrs. McCellan, Mrs. Cloward, and Martha Tanner substituted at both schools.
Peteetneet had Mr. Olson, Miss. Loveless Mrs. Spackman (later Warner). That's the ones we remember.
It feels like just yesterday we were there but now we have great grandkids who went there but it is so fun to remember when...