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Mrs. Provstgaard's Class Celebrates Their Love of Reading

Submitted by courtney.corbin on Wed, 02/11/2015 - 10:14

Each year, students in Mrs. Provstgaard's class read Newberry Award winner,  "Miracles on Maple Hill" by Virginia Sorensen.  As part of this students celebrate the book by making it come alive. A few of the activities the third graders did were creating dioramas to show how they visualized Maple Hill to look in their mind. Students also  wrote an opinion essay about whether they would like to live on Maple Hill or their own home.

Third grade student, Victoria Liddle, says, "My favorite part was making the diorama because it was made out of candy. It was fun to show the class and share with other people.   I liked the book when they were traveling in the car and Marly was telling her mom to repeat something over and over again and her mom wouldn't."  

Student, Parker Cowley, said, " I liked the part in the book when they met 'Harry the Hermit'.  My grandpa used to know a hermit.  He sounded nice.  I also want to live in Maple hill because I like maple syrup."

Thank you Mrs. Provstgaard creating a love for reading in your class!