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Pirate Pride Assembly

Submitted by courtney.corbin on Fri, 01/29/2016 - 16:06

Taylor students had their January Pirate Pride assembly. Pirates of the month, captains of the month, and crew of the month were announced. To begin the assembly, Mrs. Robbins helped get the students excited by dancing as an entire student body. She also played a video for the students about bullying, reminding students that they can step in and help their friends when needed. To fuel the school pride, students chanted the meaning of ROAR for all to hear!
Pirates of the month were announced from each class along with crew and captains of the month. ELEVEN classes had 95% or above in attendance during January. Each of those classes were awarded movie tickets, Brick Oven coupons and ice cream coupons. Mrs. Groneman's class also won the best behaved class in Art.
Ms. Clove and Mrs. Provstgaard were awarded captains of the month.
This assembly is always a great way to show our school spirit, support one another and encourage each other to do our best!

Next month......we're looking for the cleanest class, the most positive class and the best class in Music class....