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Pirate Pride at Taylor

Submitted by courtney.corbin on Fri, 09/25/2015 - 16:18

Taylor's "Pirate Pride" assembly was a huge success!   Mrs. Robbins presented the "Crew of the Month", the
"Captains of the Month" and the "Pirates of the Month"!  These individuals always go the extra mile, work hard, step up when needed and have a great attitude!    Congratulations to these winners! 

Crews of the  Month

Lunchroom Behavior: Mrs. Beck's 4th grade class

Art Specialty Behavior: Mrs. Oakeson's 1st grade class

Overall Class: Mrs. Brown's 6th Grade class

Captains of the Month

Mrs. Wilson-Secretary

Mr. Wilson-6th grade

Ms. Whicker-5th grade

Mrs. Oakeson-1st grade

Mrs. Sumsion- Resource

BYU student teachers: Sara Hansen, Breanna Lake, Britney Hunter, Betto Torres, Erin Houlberg, Annette Fairbanks

Pirates of the Month

Kindergarten: Caleb Farr, Judit Flores, Alina Cruz

First: Mia Godinez, Elise Lyman, Halle Nielson, Logan Loveridge

Second: Whitney Shutt, Tame Finau, Jonathan Zavala

Third: Jimena Valdovinos, Bridger Smith, Wyatt Mangelson

Fourth: Parker Cowley, Lydia Farr, Ezra Vance

Fifth: Sidney Tanner, Isabell Adams, Nanci Topete

Sixth: Karla Rodriquez, Jourdyn Cardon, Nayree Lane