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Principal’s/PTA Newsletter

Submitted by courtney.corbin on Wed, 03/28/2018 - 05:39


Hi! Congratulations on a very successful Spring Fundraiser! We thought our wonderful supportive parents and Taylor Tiger supporters would like to know what we are using the money that has been raised with our two fundraiser.  This year we will be able to significantly improve classrooms with new white boards and help with new kindergarten playground equipment. The teachers all voted on what they needed and they are so excited to be able to receive this for their classrooms. We are so grateful and absolutely thrilled with the amazing support we have received.

Our spring fundraiser was FANTASTIC! We are amazed and so happy so many of you donated to our easiest fundraiser ever! Apparently, you, like us, are more than happy to support our great school by not having “any strings attached” and we are so pleased with the results.Mrs Provstgaard and Mrs Whicker tied for first place with every single student returning their envelopes! Yahoo!!!! Way to go! We will be providing their classes with root beer float parties on Wednesday March 28.There were many classes who were very close to winning. Congrats to everyone.

We will be having our teacher appreciation week April 16-20. There will be lunches, a dessert bar, a PTA breakfast, an extended lunch day with the room moms taking over the class for a half hour  and treats for the teachers every day that week.  We encourage you to recognize our fabulous teachers and staff during the week of our “super hero teachers”.

We appreciate all the Monday Munchies and PTA lunches, Hero Night, book fairs, class parties, field trips, teacher appreciation, spirit days and so much more that parents have helped with so far this year. Thank you so much.

Check out our PTA bulletin board across from the front office. It has all the current events displayed as well as our “volunteers of the month” which Mrs Robbins reads over the intercom and then we post their info on our board!If you want to be more involved with PTA please email us at Look for us on FB and IG as well under Taylor PTA. Please like and share!!We love our volunteers!         ~Cathi Chisholm 


LAGOON!:  FAMILY LAGOON DAYS THRU NEBO SCHOOL DISTRICT - SUMMER FEVER FUNDRAISER Nebo School District is participating in the Summer Fever Fundraiser from March 31st - April 29th. Also May 6th, 13th, 20th, 26th, 27th and the 28th. Using Promo Code NEBO18, a Single Day Passport will be $44 plus tax (Regular Price is $62.99). Using this code will not only save you money, but Lagoon will donate $3.00 per ticket to our schools education foundation.

SPRING BREAK!  No School next week.  April 2 - April 6th

YEARBOOKS!  We are still selling yearbooks!  I will send out an email tomorrow giving information on how to purchase one.  They are going to be DARLING.!  Every class will have a page featuring their class as well as other random pages.  They are a great quality keepsake for only $10.  

Heelys~ Parents, we are having a real problem with Heelys.  They are not allowed at school!  Will you please make sure if your student has a pair of Heelys, they take the wheels out BEFORE coming to school or they do not wear the  shoes at all.  I have asked teachers to please send the students down to the office if they are wearing Heelys and we will call home for another pair of shoes.  Thank you for your support in keeping our students safe at school!  

End of Year Testing~SAGE Testing begins this week and goes until May 18th. Please remind your students to get a good night sleep as well as a good breakfast that will help them to stay focused during the testing periods.

If you missed Pre Registration for your upcoming Kindergartner, it is not to late!  Please go to Taylor Elementary School Website and click on the REGISTRATION button.  Follow the instructions.  After completing  the online items, bring the required documents to the school.  The early registration helps us with determining how many kindergarten teachers are needed for the following year.  

Thank you again for all you do to support Taylor Elementary!  Have a wonderful week!