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Remembering Mrs. Proctor

Submitted by courtney.corbin on Tue, 02/23/2016 - 09:43

Taylor Elementary recently was saddened by the loss of lifetime teacher, Mrs. Rhonda Proctor. Mrs. Proctor spent the majority of her career at Taylor School teaching Special Education. Her love for her students was evident and her passing has been deeply felt in the halls of Taylor.

"I have absolutely loved working with Rhonda! Rhonda has given me support and encouragement from the first day I started working at Taylor Elementary. Rhonda had a way of drawing people in a making them feel comfortable! She loved the kids... She wanted what was best for them. She always had a smile on her face and was ready to take on the day. There were times when hard situations presented itself at work and she was such a professional! When I would see her in the community she would always say hello. She was a great example to me and I will miss her greatly! Her family should be proud!!! Rhonda has left behind a great legacy.... One of service and compassion! I will never forget the impact she has made on me and I hope that I can pay forward a bit of what she taught me." –Mrs. Amber Rees, School Nurse

"As a teacher, Rhonda was always willing to help students, she loved her job and the kids knew that she loved them as well. As a friend, Rhonda was fun to be around and would add to the fun of any get together we had. She was one in a million and will truly be missed." –Robin Provstgaard, Teacher

"Rhonda was always so kind and friendly to all, She made everyone feel good about themselves." –Mrs. Hulet- Librarian

"Rhonda was wonderful to the kids she worked with! They loved her and she will be missed greatly!" –Mrs. Groneman, Teacher

"She had the prettiest hands and the sweetest laugh. She never said anything unkind about anyone. She was so professional in all she does. She would always get her drink with Jane Tuckett in the morning and ask me where I was going for lunch. She always surprised the faculty with donuts!   When I transfered here almost 10 years ago, she was one of the first people I met. She sat by me in all of the faculty meetings and I remember feeling so relieved because I didn't know anyone. She loved the kids.  When she came back to school a few weeks ago, the kids saw her in the hallway and couldn't believe it was her! She will be greatly missed! " –Mrs. Corbin, Teacher

Rhonda had everything a teacher could need and she was always willing to share whatever she had. If I ever needed something, I knew she was the one to ask first. -Mrs. Ellsworth, teacher

I remember Rhonda really enjoyed a cold Diet Coke. We had many good conversations in the faculty room as she was preparing herself a nice cup of ice to go with her drink of choice. -Mr. Sorensen, Title 1 Coordinator

"Rhonda was a sweet, loving woman. She cared so much for the students that she taught, and also for the staff . She shared her room with me for Art the first couple of years that I taught. She didn't complain about the noise that the students made while she was trying to work. I admire her for the courage she had though this trial in her life. She always had a happy face, and a smile to go with it. I will surely miss her here at Taylor School." Mrs. Patten, Art

"I loved the way Rhonda would laugh with the kids as well as the adults. She knew how to make them feel better and to lift their self esteem. What a beautiful talent to share with others." -Mrs. Fullmer, Teacher