Get to Know Mr. Hansen

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Getting to know….Mr. Hansen

What do you do at Taylor Elementary? I teach the best grade in the world . . .
5th grade

Where are you from and where do you live now? I grew up in a tiny place in
Sanpete County called Mayfield. More people go to Taylor Elementary than
lived there. After I got married and finished school we moved back to Mayfield
for nearly 10 years. Now I live in Salem.

September Students of The Month

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Taylor Elementary Tigers are always working hard in school, being good friends and being respectful. The following students were chosen by their teacher to represent their class as student of the month. Congratulations in this great honor. September students of the month are; Matalyn Kalmar, Quin Buys, Daphne Bryan, Alexia Liston, Joshua Stevens, McKenna West, Levi Lyman, Jesus Albor, Jaemon Chisholm, Whitney Simmons, Abbie Jacklin, Ivy Bronson, Megan Liddle, Clover Carter, Andrea Soto, Michael Sandage and Blayne Campbell.

Fire Prevention Week Winners

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Five students from Taylor Elementary won the Fire Prevention Week coloring contest sponsored by Payson City Fire Department. Miguel Briceno, Daniel Southwick, Wyatt Hickman, Brayden Thurgood and Samuel Devenport were taken to lunch in the Payson City Ambulance. After enjoying a lunch with local firefighters and EMT’s they will return to school in a fire truck. Thank you to Payson City Fire for sponsoring and encouraging fire prevention in our area.

Gary Hogg Assembly

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Students at Taylor Elementary will have the pleasure of learning from author Gary Hogg on October 1. Mr. Hogg will share stories in a school wide assembly, and then work with individual grade levels on writing skills. Be sure and ask your child about the great experience they had. Read below to learn more about Gary Hogg.

Get your immunizations at Taylor School

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Dear Taylor Elementary:

The Utah County Health Department will be holding a flu clinic at Taylor Elementary.  This will be held on Friday September 28th from 3:30-5:30.  The following immunizations will be available at the clinic:

Flu                   Hepatitis A&B  Tdap                Varicella           HPV    Pneumococcal