Open House

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Taylor School will host an open house  on Monday,  August 20th, from 2:00pm-4:00pm.  Come and meet your teacher and find your classroom.  Our PTA will also be there signing up members and taking shirt orders.

Taylor Schools Pays Students For Reading

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Taylor Elementary students have been doing a lot of reading each night.  With all the reading done for Ken Garff Road to Success program, student’s names were placed in a drawing during a school wide assembly.  If their name was drawn out, they had a chance to pick a prize or take the challenge of “Shooting for Bucks”. If a basket was made, Mr. Adams, Taylor’s favorite school counselor, handed over cash!

Taylor's Fear Factor

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Taylor Elementary's Upper-grade students held their very own 'Fear Factor' for those who had good behavior during the month of March.  Students were challenged in physical  events as well as eating contests to see who could overcome their fears!   There was a lot of laughter, enthusiasim and memories made amongst the classes as they watched and cheered for each other while eating 'duck vomit', 'monkey fingers', and sardines.  There were also obsticle courses as well as 'wall sits' that that challenged their strength and agility.  In the end, the classes loved c

Courtney Corbin, Taylor Elementary's Teacher of the Year

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Mrs. Courtney Corbin was chosen by Taylor Elementary as 'Teacher of the Year' for the 2011-2012 school year. Mrs. Corbin has great energy and an easy going personality that is contagious and naturally draws people to her.  Mrs. Corbin’s positive attitude is a great influence on staff and students alike.  She plans and teaches effective lessons and wants each student to learn at their highest level.  She teaches in a way that excites her students and makes them want to be in her class.  Mrs.