Taylor School Loves Walmart!

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Taylor Elementary was surprised at school on Friday!   Walmart representative, Leticia Vigil, surprised Principal Daybell and PTA President, DeAnn Thurgood with some exciting news.  Walmart was donating 10, 500 Box Tops to Taylor Elementary for the school to use towards improving student learning.  This equals out to $1050.00 for the school to use to purchase leveled library books, as well as interactive whiteboards.  Fifth grade teacher, Robin Provstgaard, said, " It is gratifying to know Walmart recognizes the valuable resources we have in our students.

Taylor Tiger Spirit at Labor Day 5K

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Taylor Tigers love to share their school spirit whenever they can get a chance.  Sixth grade tigers, Dane Dutson, Keaton Reynolds, Kylie Reynolds and sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Brown participated in the Payson Onion Days 5K and 10K races.  This was a fun chance to exercise and show their Tiger Pride for the town to see.  Mrs. Brown is well known for her racing talents and that enthusiasm is spreading thick through the sixth grade!   Thanks Taylor school for sharing your running spirit during Payson's town celebration! 

Mr. Adams Fills Taylor School's Bucket

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Mr. Adams, the school counselor, has been visiting classrooms at Taylor School teaching and practicing different skills.  One of the things Mr. Adams has taught is how to fill each other's buckets. Mr. Adams read the story, "Have you Filled a Bucket Today" by Carol McCloud to students.  This book shows the benefits of kindness through the metaphor of a bucket.  Being kind to one another "fills" our buckets. Students have been challenged to write bucket filling notes to one another telling each other sincere things.

Costco Gives a Backpack to Every Taylor Tiger

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Taylor Tigers were delighted with a great back-to-school present from Costco....a brand new backpack! The backpacks were loaded with folders, rulers, scissors and a pencil pouch to help students get started with school.  When the students recieved their new backpack, they were excited to show them off for one another and put their new school supplies to use.  Many thanks go to Costco for donating a backpack for every student ensuring a great start at Taylor Elementary.  Way to go Costco!

Amazing Artists!

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Taylor Elementary School's amazing art teacher, Mrs. Patten, is always coming up with exciting and enjoyable art activites for each of the different grades to do.  One week, the 6th grade classes were able to make "Splatter Art" using colorful paint, large syringes and a lot of protective plastic!

Large poster paper was laid on the ground and students would squirt the different paint colors from the syringes onto the paper making scattered, colorful streaks.  The end result was a colorful display of artistic creativity! Nice job 6th grade!