BYU Dunk Team Visits Taylor Students

Submitted by mindy.sumens on Thu, 10/21/2021 - 23:19
BYU Dunk Team
Dunk Team in action
Dunk Team in air
Dunk Team and Cosmo
Dunk team high fives
Dunk team in action
Mrs. Robbins and Cosmo holding the Cougar Strong Pledge Poster

Our Red Ribbon Week ended Cougar Strong thanks to the student athletes from BYU and their friend Cosmo!  The Dunk team taught our students how to be Cougar Strong by focusing on their mental, social, and physical strength!  Each class was given a Cougar Strong Pledge poster to sign and Cougar Strong bracelets to remind them of their pledge. 

To be mentally strong students were encouraged to do their best in school, be courteous to their teacher, never cheat and do their homework on time.

To be socially strong students were encouraged to make new friends and reach out to those who seem lonely or sad. A few students were selected from the audience and given a package to unwrap, they found not one but TWO t-shirts and were asked to give the second t-shirt to someone they do not know at the school, encouraging them to make a new friend. 

To be physically strong the dunk team selected students from the audience to come and participate in a push up contest in the middle of the gym and reminded students to stay away from drugs to keep their minds and bodies healthy and strong. Then the dunk team performed an amazing show highlighting their physical strength!  

Ms. Young, Ms. Olsen, Mrs. Corbin, and Mrs. Robbins were invited to assist in the show as the dunk team performed tricks, flips, twists, turns, and some incredible dunks.  The audience went wild when our teachers and principal helped them in their performance.  The highlight of the show was of course Cosmo!  

Our Taylor tigers want to thank BYU for coming and sharing their Cougar Strong message with our students and faculty!  It is an assembly we will not soon forget! 

Also, a very special thank you to our school counselor, Mrs. Stone, for all of her hard work this week to make our Red Ribbon Week so successful.