29th Annual Christmas Lamb Show Information....

Submitted by courtney.corbin on Mon, 10/27/2014 - 16:14

The Springville Art Museum, with the sponsorship of the Nemelka family, will be presenting the 29th annual "Christmas Lamb Show" December 6th-January 4th.

The Museum will select 70 works of art for this show this year.  Each winner will receive a certificate and a cash award. 

The following rules apply:

- Work should be of a 'Spiritual Theme' (Santa images are discouraged)

-Works are to be original and individually created by the student.  Each student is limited to one entry.

-No work will be considered for awards if there is glitter, candy or glued-on items such as beads or macaroni or other materials that may fall of when handled.

-They look best if framed before entries are handed in.

-Entries need to have the artist's name, phone #, age, grade, school and teacher's name on the BACK of the art piece.

-Projects can be turned into Mrs. Patten anytime before Monday, November 3rd.

An open house and awards ceremony will be held on Saturday, December 6th at 11:00.  Student artist, teachers, and family are invited to attend. 

If you are interested in participating in this event, please contact Mrs. Patten.