Principal's April Newsletter

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Hello Taylor Tigers,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break!  I hope it was one filled with lots of fun memories with your family and friends.  I enjoyed a couple of days watching some baseball and a little R&R.  Now that we are back in the swing of things and we are on the homestretch, I wanted to send out a few reminders.

~DRESS CODE:  Don't forget the dress code when buying summer attire.  Remember that the shoulder must be COMPLETELY covered.  We also need shirts to cover the back and midriff. 

~Flip Flops:  I LOVE to wear flip flops.  However, flip flops are not always kid friendly on the playground.  It is very frustrating to our students when their flip flops break as they are out running and playing.  This could actually case a kid to get hurt.  If your child wears flip flops to school, would you please send another pair of shoes with them in case this happens.  We have become pretty good shoe repairmen but with flip flop repairs don't last long!

~LOST AND FOUND:  We have so many items in lost and found and we keep adding to them daily.  PLEASE come by and check out the tables by the lunchroom to see if your child's coats are there.  There are some really nice things in lost and found and I really want them to find their right owner!  Also if you child wears a jacket to school, make sure they bring it home each day.  The weather is really crazy right now and kids are wearing the jackets to school and getting hot during recess and leaving them outside. 

~Assessment:  End of year assessment is upon us.  Please check with individual teachers to see what days they will be giving their assessments to ensure your student is present on those days.  It is also been proven that if a child has a good nights rest the night before as well as a good breakfast, they are able to focus better on the assessments. Thank you for your support!

~There are MANY important activities that are coming up.  I hope you are following us on Facebook and Instagram so you can see all the fun photos that will be posted.  Please continue to look at our school calendar on our website for updates as well as Teacher Newsletters.   Please feel free to call the school if you have any questions.Thanks,

Mrs. Robbins

Upcoming Events:

4/112nd Grade Field Trip

4/11 PTA Meeting 1:00

4/11 SCC Meeting 2:00

4/12 Jump Team Assembly 10:30

4/18 6th Grade Track and Field

4/18 PTA Dessert Bar

4/20 4th Grade Track and Field

4/21 4th, 5th, 6th Grade Fine Arts Concert

4/25 5th Grade Track and Field

4/25 4th Grade Pioneer Day

4/27 3rd Grade Track and Field

4/27 2nd Grade Program 2:30

4/28 Tiger Pride Ceremony

5/5 5th Grade Spelling Bee

5/9 5th Grade Field Trip

5/9 Vocal Dimension Assembly

5/10 Kindergarten Field Trip

5/11 3rd Grade Field Trip

5/17 2nd Grade Field Trip

5/17 6th Grade Graduation

5/19 Kindergarten Graduation

5/23 5th Grade Program

5/24 1 and 2nd Grade Field Trip

5/24 3rd - 6th Grade Pool Day 11:30

5/25 Taylor Olympic Day