Taylor Tigers are Full of Pride

Submitted by courtney.corbin on Thu, 11/17/2011 - 13:22
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Taylor Elementary School is full of Tiger Pride. Students wear school shirts with school colors, classrooms and hallways are sparkling clean, and everyone at the school is friendly and has a smile on their face showing others the pride we take in our school.   Now Taylor Tigers have one more way to show their pride: The Tiger Pride Program.  Each month the school works on a different social skill that students can practice and perfect throughout their day at Taylor.  This month, Tigers have been working on "Showing Empathy" toward one another.  When this skill is noticed by an adult in the school, this student is awarded a tiger paw and entered a drawing to recieve a prize.

"The idea about teaching the skills is once they've learned these, they'll be helpful for them forever," said Mike Adams, Taylor’s school counselor. "The second thing is really, if they can learn it and do it at school and practice it and there's common expectations throughout every classroom and every adult in the school knows that, it's easier to get the kids on board and it will change the school culture as well."

Way to go Tigers for working to be better students, citizens and create more pride at Taylor!