Kindergarten Information Letter

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Dear Taylor Kindergarten Parents,

We are so excited to have your little one join our Taylor Tiger Family.  We welcome new families and look forward to having returning families as well.  As some of you know, kindergarten has changed quite a bit in the past few years.  We are excited about these changes and have seen great progress!  Below are a few things you need to do and consider for your kindergartner. 

1.  Please sign your student up for a Kindergarten Screener on July 30th.  You will bring your kindergartner to the school that day for a short assessment.  This will help us place students in the best class.   Click on this link to sign up.   Please sign up by July 23rd.  

2.  First Day of Kindergarten is August 14 , same as other grades.  Full day kindergarten hours are Monday:  9:15 - 2:45 and Tuesday through Friday 9:15 to 3:30.  Half Day kindergarten hours are Monday:  9:15 - 11:30 and Tuesday through Friday 9:15 - 11:50.  

3.  You will be able to log onto Infinite Campus on Aug. 5th and see your student's teachers.  Meet the teachers Open House will be August 13 at 2:00-.  All 1/2 day and full day request will be granted.  Since registration, if you have changed your mind and would prefer full day or half day, please call the school or let us know during the kindergarten screener.  

4.  If your student will be attending full day kindergarten, you will have the opportunity to apply for free or reduced lunch.  Applications and information will be available mid July.  

5.  For those students who will be attending 1/2 day kindergarten, we will need 10 students that are eligible for busses in order to provide this service.  We will be able to let you know by Aug. 5th if that service will be provided.  

6.Nebo School District wants to support your child in reaching all of their developmental milestones. During the 2024 legislative session, HB 331 passed, which requires a student to be toilet trained before enrolling in kindergarten starting in school year 24-25. We hope that by communicating our policy regarding toilet training, we can help support you and your child with a successful kindergarten year. Please review the following information carefully and reach out to your school administrator if you have any questions.

  • Toilet Training Requirement:
    • All children entering kindergarten must be toilet trained prior to enrollment. This means they can independently use the bathroom while at school, tend to hygienic needs after toileting or when an accident occurs, and independently change clothes.
  • Parent/Guardian Responsibility:
    • Parents/guardians are asked in the Online Registration process to provide assurance that their child will meet the toilet training requirements as outlined in the legislative code.
  • Criteria for Toilet Training Readiness:
    • Does your child recognize when they need to use the bathroom?
    • Is your child able to remove their clothing without help from an adult?
    • Can your child independently clean themselves after using the toilet or if an accident occurs?
    • Is your child able to replace their clothing to an acceptable level of modesty once they are finished toileting or if an accident occurs?
  • Support for Children:
    • Teachers are happy to provide reminders for children who need them.
    • Children who need support with clothing fastenings are encouraged to wear more manageable clothing.
    • "Acceptable level of modesty" means that all private areas are covered when the child leaves the restroom.
  • Accidents and Support:
    • Occasional accidents are expected, and children will never be shamed, humiliated, or punished.
    • Children in need of clean clothing will be discreetly assisted and provided with a plastic bag for their soiled clothing.
  • Recommendations for Parents/Guardians:
    • Keep a change of clothes (including socks!) with your child in their backpack.
    • Notice if your child has difficulty managing their clothing and consider different clothes if necessary.
    • Practice handwashing skills at home.
    • Inquire about specific bathroom prompting times at school and encourage similar routines at home.
  • Nebo School District is committed to supporting you and your child in successfully completing this developmental milestone in your child's life.
  • Once again, we look forward to having your student come to Taylor Elementary. We will continue to communicate more information as school gets closer.  You are welcome to visit our school website at for current information.  Also follow us on Facebook "Payson Taylor Elementary School" and on Instagram at payson_taylor_elementary.   If you have questions, please contact the school at 801-465-6050.


Billi Robbins