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                                                                                       Title I

Title I is a federal program that provides funding to schools to help achieve learning goals. The funding amounts are based on need. The federal government looks at the economic needs of each state to allocate funds. Our state government then looks at the economic needs of each district to allocate funding. Each district then decides the best allocation plan to meet their needs.

Our district looks at the economic needs of each school based on the percentage of students who are qualified to receive free and/or reduced lunch services. The district identifies the eight schools with the highest need and allocates a percentage of the funds to each school. The allocation is based on the number of students in the school and the extent of their need.  Title I funds assist each school as they work towards meeting high academic standards for all students.

Our school has created a Title I plan that outlines how we will use the funding for the current school year. The plan will be available in the main office by October 1, 2022. Title I funds allow us to run a reading intervention program staffed by certified technicians. Title I funds also allow us to purchase technology and software to better support the academic needs of our students in all subjects. At the school level, financial need is not a consideration. All students benefit from Title I funds.

Below are some important documents further explaining the Title I Program at Taylor: