Mr. Clint Cornwall Receives PEAK Award

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Taylor Staff
Mrs. Robbins and Mr. Cornwall
Mr. and Mrs. Cornwall

Mr. Cornwall was presented with a PEAK Award during Wednesday’s board meeting. The faculty and staff of Taylor  nominated Mr. Cornwall for the “Positive Energy and Kindness” award because they felt he truly defines what it means to be a leader, professional, and example. He was described as “safe, detail oriented, positive, caring, informative, happy and a good listener”.  

Mr. Cornwall is one of the best things about Taylor and is very deserving of the PEAK award! Way to show your ROAR! 

(Below is the full write-up about Mr. Cornwall) 

Clint Cornwall, Title I Coordinator, Taylor Elementary
Nominated by: Taylor Elementary Staff

“Clint Cornwall is an outstanding example of leadership. He believes in the people he works with and constantly works to serve everyone in the building. Clint is humble and is always ready to listen without judgement. We can go to him with any question or problem, and he will help us troubleshoot the issue or just listen and give advice. He is positive and cheerful and so good at what he does! Plus, he is a scheduling guru! We are so lucky to have him at Taylor!”

“Clint is a natural leader. He has the qualities to effectively lead both students and staff. When I go to Clint with a question or concern, he listens, understands, and tries to help. Whether it is help with a difficult student situation, or we just need help with our computer, Clint is willing to help us out.”

“No task is too big or too small for Clint. I don’t have to seek him out when I have a question because he is constantly checking in, and every question I have is met with respect and resourcefulness. As a new teacher, I can’t tell you how good it feels to have that level of support, and it isn’t just me. I see him helping students, parents, and staff everyday, and he does it with patience and a smile.”

“Clint is a giver. He is always there to help any staff member in need of support, regardless of how personally busy or overwhelmed he may be at the time. Beyond helping in professional ways, Clint spreads positivity and light amongst the staff and culture of Taylor Elementary. He is a genuine friend and mentor to all, and Taylor would not be the same without him!”

“Clint is always happy. You can hear it in his voice and see it in his face, even when he is under pressure or stressed. We love his response of ‘It’s fine, everything is fine.’ That is his attitude no matter what. He does everything he can to make schedules work, and he has a lot of schedules he is working with. He makes himself available for all of the technology needs we have, often at a moments notice. He is such a valuable part of our school community and culture.”

“Clint never sits down. His willingness to do anything for anyone at any time is legendary at Taylor. From modeling lessons, to dealing with student behaviors, to rewiring a chrome cart, Clint has truly done it all and more. He is approachable, full of ideas, and his slight Dr. Pepper addiction keeps him upbeat and positive. Because Clint is bilingual, he is the ‘go-to guy’ for many of our clientele. He is such a vast source of information, professionalism, love, and safety for many of our families at Taylor.” 




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