September 2022

Free & Reduced Meal Benefits- Help our school.

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If you have not had the opportunity to apply for Free or Reduced lunch, PLEASE do so by Friday, September 30.   This program greatly benefits you as well as our school as a Title I School.  Title I school status is based upon the percentage of students that qualify for Free OR Reduced lunch.  We receive additional federal funding when we are a Title I school that we need!  Even if your student never eats lunch at the school, we would GREATLY appreciate if you would take a few minutes and complete this application to benefit our school.

Taylor Teachers are Trained in Reading

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While students had a day off from school, Taylor teachers participated in a district-wide LETRS training that focused on vocabulary, comprehension and writing instruction. This training will help teachers improve their ‘best practices’ for Language Arts instruction. They can’t wait to use their new knowledge in the classroom!  

Parent Teacher Oct 3rd 3-9pm

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Click on the link to sign up for our first Parent Teacher Conferences, or refer to the parent newsletter sent by Mrs. Robbins on Sept 20th!  Parent Teacher  will be held at Taylor on Monday October 3rd, from 3-9 pm.

Costa Vida Spirit Night

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Go have a yummy dinner at Costa Vida this Wednesday night between 4:00 and 9:00.  DON'T FORGET TO MENTION TAYLOR ELEMENTARY.  You can Order INSIDE, ONLINE, or Through the DRIVE THRU.  Portion of the proceeds will go to Taylor Elementary!  See Flyer

Taylor School Remembers 9/11

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September 11th, 2001 is a day that has been etched into our memories forever.  In honor of that day, and the importance of what it represents, Mrs. Robbins invited the entire school out front to show our respect for the fallen victims of 9-11.  After a moment of silence to lower the flag, singing the national anthem, and reciting the pledge, Mrs. Robbins spoke of the importance of kindness.  Kindness towards each other, ourselves and neighbors.

Taylor Teachers Learn from Each Other

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Taylor teachers love to share their teaching talents with one another.  Two of Taylor’s biggest experts are Mr. Cornwall and Mrs. Wride. They love to get into classrooms and pass on their knowledge in math, reading, writing, phonics and technology. Both teachers and students enjoy learning new skills passed on by these experts. 

Second Graders MATTER!

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Second grade classes have been diving deep into science this year! This week, the classes have been studying the properties of matter.  Students used their scientific thinking skills to sort objects into different categories based on the properties they had in common! We can’t wait to see what these second graders will discover next!