Mrs. Burningham Honored with Peak Award

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An’Jalee Burningham, Counselor, Taylor & Meadow Brook Elementarys Nominated by: Billi Robbins & Ryan Pitcher “When An'Jalee enters the building everyone smiles. She brings such a ray of sunshine with her wherever she goes. She is constantly helping someone. As counselor at Taylor, she is very aware of many of our students’ needs and goes above and beyond to meet them. Not only does she meet one on one with students, but she does an amazing job going into the classrooms and teaching all students the life skills they need to be successful not only here at Taylor but in the future. “An’Jalee not only inspires and uplifts the students but also the staff. During Christmas break, on her time off, she was seen delivering Sub for Santa for students at our school that would not have had a good Christmas without her. Every school needs an An'Jalee Burningham, but I am thankful she is ours!” “This is the first year I have worked with An'Jalee Burningham and have been so impressed with her ability to work with the students. I have noticed that she has a talent to get kids to like and trust her very quickly after meeting them. An’Jalee is always positive and looks for ways to help other faculty members. One experience I had recently was with a student that refused to leave the hallway and go back to class. I had been working with the student for about five minutes trying to get him to go back. An'Jalee came out of her office and asked if I wanted her to try. I walked a few steps away while she went to talk to the student and literally within 30 seconds they were both walking to the office. I am still trying to figure out how she did it. She has been a wonderful addition to Meadow Brook.”