Taylor Elementary Upper Grades Visited Utah County K9 Officers

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Students in fourth, fifth and sixth-grades at Taylor Elementary were recently visited by the Utah County Sherriff's K9 team.  During the month of February, students have been working hard to follow school and classroom rules in order to be able to attend the K9 visit.  Students were able to witness these highly-trained dogs search for drugs as well as a clip of bullets. Many of the students were amazed at how quickly and accurately the dogs were able to find the items without them knowing where it was hidden.  It was also a fun experience for students to ask the officers any question they wanted to! The highlight of the presentation was when a K9 officer put on a "bite suit" and showed the students how well the dogs can obey the commands of their handler. Congratulations to the upper grade students who were able to attend because they've been working hard to follow school and classroom rules!