Taylor Tiger Trivia

Submitted by clint.cornwall on Mon, 03/30/2020 - 08:19
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Here's Day 4:

What's your favorite subject in school?   


What's your least favorite subject in school?


Why did you choose this job in education? 

I always wanted to be a teacher. I use to play school with my brothers. My teachers have impacted me to continue my dream.

What was something funny that you did or happened to you that not very many people know about? 

My first real job was in a grocery store. I was over a department and back in those days you had to price everything with stickers. I used my entire roll of stickers without it ripping. I got excited and pretended I was a ribbon gymnast with the paper. When I went down and twisted in my "performance" I ended up bending my knee the wrong way and injuring myself. I tore something in my knee and was sent to the ER. No ribbon gymnastics for me!

Use the picture and the answers to the questions to guess which Taylor Tiger Staff member this is.  Put your answer in the comments on Facebook or Instagram! Keep checking everyday for the answer to yesterday's Trivia and the new one for each day! 

Fridays's Tiger Trivia was Mrs. Purvis, one of our fantastic 1st Grade Teachers!!!!