Taylor's Fifth Grade Superbowl

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Taylor Elementary is known for dedicated readers and the fifth grade is no exception.  In honor of the Superbowl, as well as dedicated football fan and avid reader, Principal Daybell,  the students in Mrs. Marlayne Harward, Mrs. Robin Provstgaard and Mr. Ien Richin's classes were challenged to go above and beyond the normal expectations for reading minutes.  Students were assigned a Superbowl football team where each team competed in reading minutes for the championship "ring".  For every 20 minutes read, a football was earned.  In the end, the team that had read the most minutes and received the most footballs earned a superbowl "ring" pop and the classes celebrated with chips and salsa.  The fifth-graders loved to spend so much time reading especially when it involved the superbowl!