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December 2017

Taylor's Third Grade "All American Christmas!"

Submitted by courtney.corbin on Tue, 12/19/2017 - 16:11

Today third graders performed their annual Christmas performance of an 'All American Christmas' for both parents and student body. This is always a special treat for the school to watch because these students have worked so hard on learning songs, dances, and musical instruments. This tradition has been a part of Taylor's Christmas celebrations for more than 13 years! Thank you third grade teachers for making this a favorite time of year!

Happy Holidays from Mrs. Robbins

Submitted by courtney.corbin on Tue, 12/19/2017 - 15:02

We wish all our Taylor families the perfect start to a Happy Holiday break this week! Thank you for all you do for our students, staff, and school. A reminder that school will dismiss for Christmas Break at 12:00pm on Thursday. We will resume on January 2, 2018 at 9:00am.  NO KINDERGARTEN on THURSDAY!  This day is made up by the all day Kindergarten Field Trips.  

Last Call for Lost and Found: Our lost and found is in the front of our gym in the hallway. Please have your student do one final check to make sure none of the items belong to them. We will be donating all items on Thursday afternoon.

Have a wonderful safe Holiday!  

Upcoming events:  
Dec. 19 3rd Grade Christmas Program  2:00
Dec. 21 NO KINDERGARTEN; Early Dismissal at 12:00
Dec. 22 - Jan 1 NO SCHOOL!
Jan. 2 School starts back at 9:00
Jan. 9 PTA Meeting 1:30
Jan. 11 SEPs.  Sign ups coming right after New Year
Jan. 12 and 15 NO School
Jan. 16 SCC 12:30

Principal's December Newsletter

Submitted by courtney.corbin on Mon, 12/11/2017 - 14:02

Happy Monday Tiger Families!
With the winter months and more severe weather conditions of winter we wanted to review our inclement weather and student illness procedures to both reassure and help parents and patrons prepare and plan.
•We recommend that students arrive at school no earlier than 8:30 for supervision purposes. If arriving earlier, the building will be open at 8:00 for students to wait for the start of class in the front office area.
•Children should arrive at school dressed for the weather of the day so they can safely and comfortably enjoy recesses. In winter months, children should remember to bring shoes to change into from their snow boots. All healthy children will be expected to go out for recess except in extreme weather conditions (wind chill, rain, snow, etc.).
•If your child cannot participate in recess for health reasons, please send a note to this effect. If it is to be a prolonged indoor stay (longer than 3 days) please send a note from the doctor.
•Students will remain inside in extreme weather conditions such as: very cold temperatures (below 20 degrees) and wind chill, heavy rain and snowfall, unhealthy air/inversions (we check air quality daily).
•Please be considerate and safety conscious as you drop off and pick up students at school. The winter months see an increase in the number of cars. Remember to: not block the flow of traffic, not block cross walk area, use parking stalls not pull through lanes if you need to enter the building.  PLEASE DO NOT PARK BEHIND THE CARS THAT ARE PARKED ON 100 SOUTH!!  This blocks people in and it is so dangerous for students to be entering cars in this area!
•In the event of a major weather event (severe storm, power outage...) The District’s ParentLink system will be used to notify parents this can be in the form of an automated phone call, text, or email. For this information to reach you it is important that you keep your contact information current within the online SIS system. Information will also be posted and updated on the district web page If we need to evacuate the school we would go to LDS Church  (on 100 S, the green church). All teachers and staff members will remain at school to care for the students. Unless otherwise notified, we will release students only to responsible adults or family members.

Child Guidelines. Is your child too sick for school?
You are probably very aware of the fact that there are a lot of cold and flu germs circulating in our community at this time.  This same situation can be found throughout the state and even across the country.

In order to reduce the number of students, faculty and staff being exposed to these illnesses, we are asking that you carefully review the attached list that has been provided by the Utah County Health Department.  By keeping sick children home, the chances of spreading the illnesses is greatly reduced.  If your child shows any of these signs while they are at school, we will notify you immediately so that you can take them home until they have recovered.

We greatly appreciate all that you do to ensure that your children are in school each and every day when they are healthy.  Attendance is so important for student success.  When you child is ill or absent for appointments etc., please call the school office to excuse them.  We greatly appreciate your cooperation in helping us keep our school a safe and healthy place to be.

~Should They Stay or Should They Go?
Children, staff, parents and/or volunteers will be excluded from the classroom if any of the following are noted:
•       Fever of 100 degrees or above orally
•       Nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain
•       Diarrhea-frequent, loose, watery stools
•       Unusual drowsiness or tiredness
•       Sore throat, acute cold or persistent cough
•       Runny nose (thick green/yellow discharge) (non allergenic)
•       Red, inflamed or discharging eyes (pink eye) (non allergenic) must be treated with antibiotic drop/ointment for at least 24 hours before returning to school
•       Swollen glands around jaws, ears or neck
•       Any skin sore oozing of fluid, suspected impetigo (may have a yellow crusty discharge from sore)
•       Suspected head or body lice (untreated)
•       Earache
•       An unexplained rash
•       Symptoms which may suggest an acute illness
Conditions needing treatment with an antibiotic may return to the classroom after at least 24 hours of treatment and a decrease in symptoms.
~Interested in Substitute Teaching? Please contact Kelly Educational Staffing Services: (801) 373-1616 or online at
We love having our own parents substitute in our school!
~PENNY WARS!  Our Penny War is going STRONG!  We appreciate all the contributions.  We will continue this until Friday.  On Monday, we will be announcing which Grade Level will have the opportunity to choose students to throw pies in my face.  YIKES!!:)

Upcoming Events:

12/12  9:15  Taylor Elementary  Fine Arts Christmas Assembly

12/12 - 12/13 PK Hearing Screening

12/18 PTA providing Monday Munchies to Staff

12/19 2:00 pm  3rd Grade Christmas Program

12/21  EARLY OUT  Dismiss at 12:00

12/22 - 1/1 No School

Attention Choir Students

Submitted by courtney.corbin on Mon, 12/04/2017 - 14:15

Tiger Choir members and parents,

We are so excited to present our Christmas program. We will be doing a dress rehearsal for the Parkway Health Center during our choir time on Thursday December 7, 3:30-4 ish. We would love to have any parents come that would like to. The school cannot provide transportation so if you can car pool that would really help get all our choir members there. 55 S Professional Way Payson, UT.

Our shirts are ordered but have not come in yet, if they do not make it by Thursday please have your child wear a red or green shirt with black skirt or pants.

Our Fine Arts assembly will be at 9:15 Tuesday December 12 with the orchestra. Same dress as care

Thank you so much for supporting Tiger Choir. Your children are amazing!


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