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Online Registration

Welcome to Taylor Elementary PRE-Registration for Kindergarten!   

All students who will be registering for Kindergarten for the upcoming year, 2018-2019, will need to be PRE-REGISTERED ONLINE.  Please follow the instructions below.  The window will be open to begin the process Monday, March 12th.  This window will stay open until the last day of school, May 25th.  Your student will need to be pre-registered before you bring in your documents on March 20th.  We will be here from 8: AM to 4:00 PM on that day.  If you need help or are not able to pre-register, we will have computers available to help you on Pre-Registration Day.  Please bring your student with you on March 20th for a quick assessment.  As you pre-register for kindergarten on March 20th, will you please bring your student's birth certificate, immunization record as well as two proofs of residency.

Thank you so much!

Mrs. Robbins


Registration is the process of providing or verifying your student's information, and signing any documents required by the district or by legislation; this can be done online to save time. Additional documentation is also required for first-time students or if any of these additional documents have changed for a returning student; these additional documents must be delivered in person. (see step 4)

Your student will only be Enrolled into classes after the school verifies the completion of the Registration process and that all required documentation has been provided.


When you select the Aspire Student Information System, you will need to decide which selection applies to you.  Please read the descriptions to decide which best fits you.  

New Student:

If your student has NEVER been enrolled or registered in any school in Nebo School District, you will choose from the left side of the screen.  IF YOUR STUDENT IS ADVANCING TO A HIGHER GRADE AND MOVING SCHOOLS, THEY ARE NOT NEW IN NEBO, PLEASE SELECT FROM THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE SCREEN.  

  • If your student is new to Nebo School District schools but you have current parent account please choose LOGIN AND REGISTER STUDENT and log in with your current parent username and password.  When you log in, choose Register New Student.

                      For example:  you are registering a Preschool student or Kindergartener and you have older students attending Nebo Schools, you will log in with your current parent account and choose Register New Student.

  • If you are new to NEBO SCHOOL DISTRICT please choose REGISTER NEW STUDENT(S)

Current or Past Students:

If your student is currently attending or has attended a Nebo School District School in the past, you will choose from the right side of the screen.  The following statements will help you decide which to choose.  

  • If your student has ever in years past been or currently is enrolled in a school at Nebo School District.  Nebo School District boundaries are from Springville to Santaquin.  If you are unsure, please feel free to ask the school secretary or email
  • If you already have an Aspire account, log in with your parent log in and select your student ot register your student. LOGIN AND REGISTER STUDENT
  • If your student is CURRENTLY attending a school in Nebo School District or has ever been enrolled in a school within Nebo but you do not have a username, please choose REQUEST USERNAME.  

You will need your Student SIS #.

If you cannot remember your username or password please click FORGOT PASSWORD.

You will receive your Username and email it is tied to.

To Finish Student Registration, please complete all steps:

  1. Select correct school year 2018-2019
  2. Select school your student will attend
  3. Select the grade your student will be in
  4. Complete the screen as directed.

Please remember after you have completed the registration process, your student is now PRE-Registered for Kindergarten.  Enrollment into the school is pending proper documents being submitted to the school.  After your documents are brought into the school and verified, your student will be enrolled into the 2018-2019 school year.  

You will need to come back on August 1st for our Schoolwide Registration to complete the 2018-2019 Registration!

We look forward to seeing you and your son/daughter on March 20th.

K-12 Online Registration

This is for all new and continuing students.

July 25 … Submit Student Information
Step 1

Complete Online-Portion

August 1 … Document Delivery / In-Person Registration
Step 2

If New to this School or if one of these have changed...

Current Year Registration

Ignore the dates, and complete the Regular K-12 Registration Process ASAP

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment allows students to apply to go to a school outside their resident school boundaries. Not all schools are eligible and eligibility changes periodically depending on student enrollment.