Online Registration

Online Registration is available NOW!   If you complete registration ONLINE, there is no need to come to Elementary Registration on Tuesday, August 1st.  PTA sign-ups, volunteer opportunities, t-shirt ordering, greeting the teacher, and any other school information will take place on registration day AS WELL AS our Back to School Open House on Monday, August 21st from 1:45 to 3:45.  We ask that every student and at least one parent/guardian plan to attend that day.

Please don't forget to come back to this page after you complete your Aspire Information to complete steps 2-5.  

Thank you so much!

Mrs. Robbins


Registration is the process of providing or verifying your student's information, and signing any documents required by the district or by legislation; this can be done online to save time. Additional documentation is also required for first-time students or if any of these additional documents have changed for a returning student; these additional documents must be delivered in person. (see step 4)

Your student will only be Enrolled into classes after the school verifies the completion of the Registration process and that all required documentation has been provided.

Steps to Register Online:

  1. Fill out Registration via the Aspire Student Information System
  2. Make a Donation  :  This Donation helps pay for field trips, assemblies, school wide activities, special grade level evnts, student supplies, and more.  The suggested one time amount is $20 per student for the entire year.  Other extracurricular fees can also be paid on this link.
  3. School Meals
    • Check eligibility for Free/Reduced Meals [ en Español ]  
    • We encourage each family to look at the eligibility chart.  If you are at or below the chart limit for your household size PLEASE fill out the free and reduced lunch application.  Our Title I funding is based off of these numbers.  THANK YOU!
    • Lunch can be paid for online via PayPams.
  4. Deliver necessary documentation to the School 
    (Required for 1st time Taylor students, or if one of these has changed)
  5. Extras
  6. When all of the above items are completed, your child is registered to attend Taylor Elementary for the 2017- 2018 school year.  You do not need to attend the walk-in registration on August 1st.
  7. Teacher assignments will be made available to you on August 1st through ASPIRE ONLY