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Robin Provstgaard Awarded Crystal Apple

Submitted by courtney.corbin on Tue, 05/03/2016 - 08:36

Robin is 100% about her class.  She will do WHATEVER it takes for them to enjoy her class.  She also cares, deeply, for the adults in the school.   –Tara Hunt

Robin is the happiest person on this planet.  Students know that she loves and cares about them.  She is very flexible and willing to do whatever the team agrees upon.  I miss working with her. –Marlayne Harward

Robin, is a great example of handling stressful situations with calmness and dignity.  Whenever she speaks to a  student/parent she always does so in a respectful way. She naturally creates a learning experience for everyone involved. Thank you Robin for your example, you deserve this award. –Ien Richins

Robin is a blast to work with.  She always has a funny story to share about everything.  She is fun, outgoing, and young at heart.  She is easy to get along with and hard working.  She loves and cares for each of her students and goes above and beyond to show them how much she cares.  In turn her students all adore her and come back to see her because she makes such an impact on their lives.  Everyone who knows Robin feels like they are her best friend and if you don't know her you want to be her friend or have her as your teacher. – Melanie Ellsworth

She was born to be in a classroom.   She connects with the kids like I’ve never seen anyone do before.  They look to her as a teacher, a mother,  a confidant and an example.  She can take a student’s worse day and put a smile on their face better than anyone.  I’ve never heard her say she wishes she didn’t have “so and so” in her classroom. Even the most difficult student receives her genuine love…even if she wanted to duct tape them to their chair =)   She is a busy lady.  She has perfected the balance of being a working mother and professional in a way I can only be jealous of!   -Courtney Corbin

Robin Provstgaard is the mother of 4 daughters and 1 son and 8 grandkids. Her career at Taylor began more than 21 years ago as the PTA president at Taylor.  21 years ago, she began her teaching career in 3rd grade, moved to 5th grade and then back to 3rd.  All of her children attended Taylor.  She can often be surrounded by current students and former students who all crave her attention.  She has even taught entire families of siblings.  She is recognized for her hair colors, her shoes, her infectious smile and friendships.  She LOVEs everything Disney, cruises, shopping, hunting, car shopping, fly fishing, eating out and most of all, her family above anything else!