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Taylor's Queen and King Ball

Submitted by courtney.corbin on Mon, 03/31/2014 - 10:30
Ashlyn Hill, 6th Grade Reporter

By Ashlyn Hill, Sixth Grade Reporter

Just a few weeks ago, the sixth graders at Taylor Elementary School got the chance to participate in the 7th annual 'King and Queen's Ball'.  It was a blast!  Thanks to our teachers, Ryan Wilson, Rachel Santiago and Perthena Brown, we had the chance to dress in our 'Sunday Best', have a royal feast, dance, and take some pictures with our friends and loved ones.  At first, I was terrified because our participation was going to be graded, but it turned out to be on do the best days of sixth grade!  We were all assigned a partner to dance with.  The dances included a line dance, an assigned partner dance, and an any partner choice slow dance.  It took a lot of early-morning practices to get our dances ready and there were always plenty of younger kids peeking through the gym windows trying to get a glimpse of what we were doing.  The 'Kind and Queen's Ball' was the big "gossip and talk" of the week.  I am so glad I participated in this exciting event.  I hope every child at Taylor Elementary gets to experience this even and project because it is so much fun.  By the way...I got a good grade on it, too.