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Tiger Pride Bingo Winners

Submitted by billi.robbins on Wed, 02/21/2018 - 09:48

Tiger Pride Board winners had the opportunity to play Bingo with Mrs. Robbins this morning.  The following students won a pencil bag and notebook: Kenzie Green, Taya Fenn, Braxton Christensen, Emma Asay, Baylee Butler, Jarom Poulson, Addie Harmer, Harley Linsday, Daniel Zavala, Jesse Ramirez, Damian Gallegos, Lily Zeeman, Ty Hansen, Xavier Guzman, Maggie Sumens, Jake Finch, Alexys Zavala, Rylan Orton, Victoria Bolanos, Miah Martin  Congratulations to these students!  Thanks for Reaching your Potential, Owning up, Accepting Everyone, and Remembering who you Represent!!!!