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August 2019


Submitted by billi.robbins on Sun, 08/18/2019 - 19:44

Dear Taylor Tiger Parents,

As we are very quickly approaching the 1st day of school, TOMORROW for 1st through 6th graders, I would like to review some safety tips with drop and pick of students.  Safety is my number one concern at our school and if we all work together we can ensure the safety of our students.

Drop off and Pick up:  As you pull in the drop off and pick up on 500 west, PLEASE pull up as far as you can.  I know everyone would love to stop right at the door so their student can see them, however when this happens we get a big back up on Utah Ave causing danger to our students crossing the street.  We will have supervisions there to assist any students that needs to find their parents.  If you are in the pull through, PLEASE do NOT get out your car.  If you need to exit your car for any reason, PLEASE use one of the designated parking stalls (even if it is "just for a minute").  We ask that you also leave the left hand lane open for parents to be able to pull out.  

We ask that you NEVER park behind cars on 100 South.  Several times last year teachers had to run out as soon as school was out to go to a meeting and there was someone parked right behind them or students were going in and out of parked cars to find their parent parked in this area.  This is a super dangerous area.  We also ask that you not park on the corner of 500 W and 100 S.  This is painted (Or will be repainted;)) red and is another dangerous area to park due to students crossing and on coming traffic of buses.  Bus area is painted green.  This is another area that we ask that you not enter.  The ONLY exception to that is Preschool Drop Off and Pick Up.  See below info on that.  

We ask that all walking students or students being dropped off in any area other than the pull through, to please use the crossing guards to safely cross the streets, even if they are crossing 500 West. 

You are WELCOME to park in any of the designated spots on 100 South, 500 West or Utah Ave(parallel to the school).  If you choose to drop your student off on the opposite side of Utah Ave, please have them walk down to Mr. George on Utah Ave and 500 West to cross the street.   The city has so kindly also given us clearance to use their parking lot as an overflow.  Once again, I ask that you use the crossing guard at 500 W 100 S to safely cross the road before and after school.  

More information on Kindergarten Drop Off and Pick Up later in the week.

Preschool Parent Drop off and Pick up

AM classes-  *You may start to drop offyour child at the east side of school pull thru at 8:50 AM (PLEASE not any earlier).*You may pick upyour child at the east pull thru at 11:15 AM.  Children will be at the doors starting at 11:25 AM.

PM classes-*You will use the bus pull thru on the south side of school (on 100 South) for both pick up and drop off. This is just for preschool times only-not any other time can you use this area.

Monday Class-*You may start to drop off your child at the east side of school pull thru at 8:50 AM (PLEASE not any earlier).*You may pick upyour child at the east pull thru at 10:15 AM.  Children will be at the doors starting at 10:30 AM.


Thank you so so much for your help in ensuring our students are safe.  Anyone that would like to volunteer to assist us the first week of school in educating parents on where they can and can not park before and after school, we would love your assistance.  

We are going to ask that ALL student enter the front doors tomorrow.  You are welcome to drop off students starting at 8:30.  The first bell will ring at 8:55 and the tardy bell/school will start at 9:00.  

We look forward to seeing your students as they get their "Red Carpet" Welcome tomorrow!  Don't forget EVERY MONDAY, including TOMORROW, is early out at 2:30 pm so teachers can use the extra time to collaborate.  Buses will run on regular Monday Early Out Schedule.  Please visit the Nebo website for information about the buses.  This is located on the Nebo Website Parent Home Page.

Please send me an email or give me a call if you have any questions or concerns.


Mrs. Robbins

School Community Council Elections!

Submitted by billi.robbins on Thu, 08/15/2019 - 17:52

Notice to All Parents:

Would you like to serve on Taylor Elementary 2019-2020

School Community Council?

                Taylor Elementary School Community Council (SCC) serves as an advisory council to the school administration. State law establishes the following guidelines:

  • The SCC will consist of parents, employees and the principal.
  • The SCC will be elected by vote.  Parents will elect parents and staff members will elect staff members.
  • The SCC will meet monthly.  The council meets for one hour each month, usually before school.
  • The SCC will address many issues that may include, but are not limited to, Trust Lands Planning, School Improvement Plans, School Access Route, etc.
  • The SCC will compile an annual performance report of the school to be sent to the Nebo School Board.

 If you are interested in running in the election for School Community Council, please fill out the form at the main office and turn in by August 30, 2019. A ballot will be sent home for you to cast your vote. The election will run September 1-13.


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