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"Speech and Language" Information

Submitted by courtney.corbin on Thu, 08/31/2017 - 17:31

"Speech-Language & Hearing: The beginning of the year means new screenings - hearing & speech screenings.  The school hearing screenings are for Kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, and 6th grades and will happen onFriday 8 September from 12:30-3:15 pm.  The speech-language screenings are for the Kindergarten classes and will occur the first week of September.  These screenings help to identify hearing and communication concerns that can cause learning problems for students.  We are also planning to start regular speech therapy for Preschool and Kindergarten through 6th grades by Monday 11 September.  -Dallin Millington, speech therapist PK-6; Wade Hofeling, speech technician k-6, Betina Workman, speech therapist with preschool; Laurel Burrup, speech technician with preschool"